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Case Study: L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd.- 7.805MWp (Open Access), Hyderabad, Telangana

This plant is one of the largest behind the meter projects in India and particularly challenging because it involved working on operational metro stations at night time and only for a few hours.

Amp Energy has installed 7.805 MW solar plant supplying power to L&T in Hyderabad, Telangana for the metro project to supply solar power to its 24 stations and 2 depots in the city.

The solar plant generates approx 11,300 MWh of green energy in a year (equivalent to reducing approx. 8,000 MT of carbon emissions annually)and meets 15% of the total electrical consumption of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project.

This project is a perfect example of a high-quality reliable RE system powering an eco-friendly and sustainable transportation system. We believe that projects like these will provide the right momentum for a mass public transport across cities in India to switch to sustainable energy sources and help meet India’s climate goals.

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